Stand your ground?

Law on self- defense
Florida law on stand your ground - 776.013 (3) Fla. Stat.

John Dobbs, Florida DOC no.C00618 A.K.A King Universal of Supreme Empire Entertainment

Diary of an Inmate by John W. Dobbs, DC (inmate no. C00618)

George E. Reres, Esq. Florida Attorney 12/27/22

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True Story

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State Officials falsely imprisoned

an innocent Black man for over

11 years with no sworn complaint

existing to initiate criminal proceeding

to appease a wealthy family.        

The charge Affidavit:

is actually a patently void instrument
that doesn't qualify as an affidavit.

because it wasn't sworn before a

preson authorized to administer oath.

Above the Law?

How a vengeful father has so many judges
and clerks of court in the palm of his hand.

A son of a rich and powerful attorney and

four of his druken friends attacked a couple

trying to kidnap a woman outside a strip club.

Despite being surrounded at his vehicle,

cut 6 times and receiving multiple injuryies

the man over comes them with a simple

pocket knife. Fatally injuring the third

or fourth of his attackers. A vengeful father of

the deceased used his influences to have and

keep the man imprisoned despite all

the evidence of self defencse. My son

was sent to prison defending his girlfriend.

No sworn complaint existed to initiate criminal

proceedings because no witnesses describe anything that

amounted to a criminal activity that would support

the charging document and none of the

documents were sworn to be a person authorized

to administer oaths. Nothing contradicted his self defense

claim. And they ran him through the system,

as a favor to someone for reasons

off the record without a formal complaint

giving them jurisdiction. That made the

October 25, 2006 first appearance hearing

and all the procedures

and judgments flowing from it void and

his detainment false imprisonment.

Any subsequent statements

were perjured and a fraud on the court.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Conviction is
a.) Racial Profiling.
b.) Selective prosecution.
c.) Contrary to the evidence.
d.) Prosecutor misconduct.
e.) Misleading jury instructions.

on the character of subtle oppressors

a.) Judge Stan Strickland's resignation:
October 17,2011 "Casey Anthony Judge Stan
Strickland to resign"

b.)Judge Lisa T. Munyon's approval ratings:
The Robing Room where judges are judged

c.) Assistant medical examiner Marie Hansen's
criticism, blunders mar medical examiners exit
August 31, 2003

    page 1                   page2              page 3

d.) Florida Dpmt of State/ State Archives of
Florida reference

e.) Judge Kendall Sharp, U.S. District Middle
District of Florida



John has been arguing this for 8 years and finally
he found these court cases. John said at the end of the trial
the judge said John's attorney asked for a special instruction,
all along they called it self defense.
More recently Florida First District Court of Appeal declared
initially provocation instrction
(John argueed in his book"American Law vs Law Enforcement."
chapter 15 Lose My Right" the jury instructions and the necessity clause)
Fundamental error on August 26, 2014 and again on February 2, 2015

John W. Dobbs, Florida inmate no. C00618
Okeechobee Correctional Institution
3420 N.E. 168TH Street
Okeechobee, Florida 34972 - 4824
PH.: (863) 462 - 5400

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You be the Judge: Self defense or not

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Talk about how the judges and prosecutors are railroading people with the judges assistance, if you ever wonder how innocent people get convicted, check out the " prosecution misconduct" and " misleading jury instructions" of this case.

Diary of an Inmate by John W. Dobbs, DC (inmate no. C00618)

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