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    Line them up and judge for yourself whether it's a miscarriage of justice

  1. To The Viewers
  2. Newspaper Article
  3. Police Narrative
  4. Photos from the Case
  5. Medical Examiner
  6. Kevin Holtz
  7. Police Transcripts
  8. Public Defender Letters
  9. Pro Se Intial Brief
  10. Orders
  11. Motions
  12. Notice of Inquiry
  13. Per Curiam Afrimed
  14. Clarification of Decision
  15. Pro Se Request for Clar.
  16. Urging of the Court
  17. The Mandate
  18. U.S Middle District of Florida
  19. Order
  20. Judgment in a Civil Case
  21. Adversary Prelim. Hearing
  22. Adversary Prelim. Hearing 2
  23. Index to Records
  24. Case History (Docket)
  25. Case Dockets
  26. Records
  27. The Transcripts
  28. For and on the Record
  29. 5DCA Case Dockets
  30. Jury Instructions
  31. Jury Instructions 2
  32. Florida Bar Association
  33. Stricken
  34. John's Medical Records
  35. Subpoenas
  36. Letters
  37. Questions
  38. Optional
  39. Rap Sheet
  40. Cameras
  41. In John's own words, What occurred on October 25, 2006
  43. U.S. Middle District Florida Courts Part
  44. Line them up and judge for yourself whether it's a miscarriage of justice
  45. The Immediate Family of John Dobbs - Petitioner
  46. Law VS Law Enforcement
  47. Florida Department of Corrections knowingly accepted a void black out " Order of Commitment " and illegally imprison John
  48. Media Promotions
  49. If My Son Was White and Those were Black Men
  50. Complaint and Supplemental Affidavit of Civil Rights violations resulting from fraud on the court. perpetrated by Florida officials


Photos from the Case

John and Deanna
OC Corrections Department Form
911 Taped Call
OC Sheriff's Office Letter
John's Car
The Weapons
Parking Lot
Parking Lot Diagrams